What’s My Home’s Value?

In todays ever-changing market, what’s my home’s value is a fairly common question. However, determining a true fair market value of a home or property can be challenging for some homeowners. An experienced REALTOR has the tools and ability to calculate a fair market price that your home should bring.

The Comprehensive Market Analysis or CMA is one of the tools that we use to paint a picture of the current market trends as they relate to your property based on similar comparative properties. This report is generated by using active listings and recent sales within the same market area as well as those that did not sell or expired listings. Once compiled, the information on this report narrows down local market statistics directly related to your neighborhood. By comparing what is currently on the market, your competition, to what has recently SOLD, we can help you determine the best price to ask for your property. As well, we can also estimate about the amount where it should sell.

These days many internet savvy consumers have discovered property valuation websites like Zillow.com. While Zillow may provide an estimate or in their words “zestimate”, there is nothing like local experience and market knowledge to give you a truer valuation instead of an out of state website loaded with a bunch of market stats.

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