Staging your home for sale – and for photos

While staging your home (and yard) for sale is an effective way to make a strong first impression when buyers arrive in person, staging for photos can be equally important.


Depending upon which research you read, from 84% to 94% of all home buyers begin their home search on the Internet. They go through all the listings in their price range and choose the ones they want to see in person.


The first thing that makes them stop and look twice are the photos. After that they’ll read the descriptions and the details, such as square footage, number of bedrooms and baths, etc.


As a home seller, first consider who is your home’s most likely buyer. Then, keeping that in mind, strive to visually show that yours is their perfect home – while at the same time demonstrating its versatility.


Use your imagination. Pretend you’re doing a layout for a high-end magazine and spend a little time deciding how best to present your home on line. Your goal is to visually convey the message: “You will love living in this home.”


Your home may appeal to those who entertain, so stage the dining room with a table set for an elegant dinner. If you have a wet bar, stage it with cocktail glasses and snacks on a tray.


Perhaps yours will be a home for a family with school-age children and you have room in your kitchen for kids to do homework while you cook. If so, stage that area with books, notebooks, and pens – or the home computer.


If you have a fireplace, stage the area with a flickering fire, comfortable furniture, and a coffee table containing a tray with mugs of chocolate and a plate of cookies. Or, it could be cocktails, cheese and crackers, depending upon your home and the age/lifestyle of your most likely buyers.


If you have a wonderful tub, stage it with (flickering) candles, fluffy towels, and perhaps a bowl full of fancy soaps or an assortment of bath oils.


Be sure that your photographer portrays all of the special rooms in the house – like your exercise room, your home office, or a sewing or crafts room. And be sure that each of these rooms is staged to show their convenience and usefulness. Stop and really think about the “props” you can use in each room to connect with your most likely buyers.


Be sure to do the same outdoors – with attractive placement of outdoor furniture along with suggestions for enjoyment. For instance, you might stage a deck area with picnic things and the BBQ going, or stage a pool area with beach towels stacked and ready for use.


Since you are living in your home while it’s for sale, it’s impractical to keep those objects placed strategically at every moment of the day, but you CAN do it for photos – and you should.


If you need help coming up with photo staging ideas, call me. I’ll be happy to come by and make suggestions.





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