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Interior Decorating – What’s OUT for 2017

If you’re thinking of doing a bit of remodeling or Interior Decorating before putting your home on the market, pay attention to what decorators now say is “Out.”

Nationwide, the consensus is that you should shy away from these recently popular interior decorating trends. (Even if HGTV disagrees.)

Barn Doors. Decorators say “enough is enough.” They work well for spaces where a swinging door just won’t fit, but if that’s the case, a pocket door is a better (although more expensive) choice. Of course if your home is ultra-rustic, they still fit well.

Marble counter tops. People still love the look, but the care is another matter. Marble is prone to stains, burns, and scratches. It’s best used in places that get no wear and use – and a kitchen counter doesn’t fit that description. You can start by choosing a sink with quartz countertops that does fit and looks nice. The good news is, there are man-made materials that look like marble, wear well, and even cost a bit less.

Shiplap. Unless you have a real farmhouse where it might have been used years and years ago, it’s out. As with the barn doors, decorators are saying “enough was enough last year.”

Zigzag patterns and gentle curves. Decorators say geometric patterns will be the “in thing” this season.

Metals. The trend is finally away from metal “everything” toward more and more wood accents. This makes good sense from a feng shui / balance perspective. Too much metal makes a room – or a home – feel cold and uninviting.

A short study of feng shui (the ancient Chinese art of placement) tells you that the most comfortable, inviting rooms have a nice balance of fire, water, wood, metal, and earth. These can, of course, be represented by color, art work, etc.

Carpet everywhere. Today’s home buyers are trending toward hardwood or hardwood-look manufactured flooring for its long life and easier care. They also appreciate that it’s easy to change color schemes and give a room a fresh new look when the floor is a wood tone.

If painting is part of your plan, do visit the paint manufacturer’s sites to see the season’s newest “in” colors and get ideas for color combinations. But do be careful. When the color is bright, a little goes a long way, so use it for accents, not whole walls.

A trustworthy site, like, can be a great help to make a right choice. Neutrals are still the best choice for a home that’s going on the market – but that doesn’t mean stark white. Check out the “new neutrals” and choose your favorites.

Interior Decorating YES to Neutrals

In addition, before you Interior Decorate or make remodeling decisions, give me a call. Home buyers in different areas have different tastes, so the most popular new trend in Miami might get a cold shoulder from buyers in Seattle. You may also find these tips useful when planning your design.

I’ll be happy to tell you what today’s buyers right here in the Daytona Beach area are looking for this year.

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