Guide To Sell Your Home Step 1

I have Listed my Home For Sale, Now What?

Complete your Sellers Disclosure – Disclose past catastrophes such as hurricane damage, flood, fire, etc.

Have a Pre-Listing Inspection done to identify and areas of concern that may come up and may complicate the deal.

Provide any past or recent building permits, renovations and/or upgrades

Gather well and septic maintenance/repair records and any information when it was installed

Compile any warranties and or any invoices for improvements such as appliance’s, roof, air conditioning, etc.

Have the cooling and heating systems professionally checked and serviced, if not done so within the past 12 months and provide a copy of all service records.

Hire a qualified electrician, check electrical systems. Items to check are the electrical box, GFI’s and any aluminum wire connections (if applicable) and provide a letter outlining work done and comments made.

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